Route S802

Ashby School & Ivanhoe College

Appleby Magna, Heather, Ravenstone, Coleroton

Sinope, Lount

07.35 Appleby Magna: Church St/Rectory Lane Corner

07:45 Swepstone: Main St/Church St Junction

07:50 Heather: Pisca Lane Bus Stop – Opposite Holyoake Dr

07:51 Ibstock: Melbourne Road 1st bus stop

07:55 Ravenstone: Bus Shelter / Wash Lane

08:00 Sinope: Forrester Close

08:01 Sinope: The Angel Pub, Bus stop

08:02 Coleorton: Lower Moor Road, Beaumont Green Jnc

08:04 Lount: Bus Shelter - Under A42

08:05 Lount: Pottery Lane Lay-by

08.15 Ashby School

08.20 Ivanhoe College

Fare payers £2.00 each way payable to the driver

Ashby School / Ivanhoe College

15:15 Depart Ashby School

15:20 Ivanhoe College

15:29 Lount: Bus Stop opposite Pottery Lane

15:30 Lount: Opposite Bus Shelter - Under A42

15:35 Coleroton – Beaumont Green Junction

15:36 Sinope: The Angel Pub

15:37 Sinope: Opposite Forrester Close

15:40 Ravenstone: Wash Lane opposite Bus Shelter

15:42 Ibstock: Melbourne Road, Last bus stop before island

15:45 Heather: Pisca Lane – Holyoake Drive

15:50 Swepstone: Main St/Church St Junction

16:00 Appleby Magna: Church St/Rectory Lane Corner